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  Wuhan Marine machinery co., LTD(WMMP),Is one of the world500Enterprises an important member of China shipbuilding industry group co., LTD。The company covers an area of108Million square meters,With headquarters in wuhan area58Million square meters,The existing staff3500More than one,The registered capital30One hundred million yuan。
  Large companies set、Complete set、Non-standard equipment development、Production、Sales and service in one body,Products involved in naval equipment、Transportation logistics、Energy equipment and welding materials, and other fields,And in the Marine equipment、Marine engineering equipment、Port of hoisting machinery、Welding materials、Bridge products, etc, for the long-term development。
  Company is a national high and new technology enterprise,Has a state-level enterprise technology center,It happened500More than the technology innovation team,Have advanced equipment manufacturing capacity,The main products always keep pace with the international advanced technology development.....                        Details please come in>>>
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